Thursday, January 22, 2009

Overwhelmed . . . By the Numbers . . .

Utica sewer repairs to cost $152 million

Oneida County Part County Sewer fix cost rises to $158 million

And back in the 1970's when the treatment plant and county interceptors were built, we thought we had the pollution problem licked!  

With numbers like these (and just for sewers, not including water supply and other public necessities) can government (and, for many, personal) bankruptcy be far behind? 

This is what happens when government does not know what it is doing. . . . and we are entering an era where government will be expected to do more!


Greens and Beans said...

Oh Contraire . . . Even the most incompetent government administration can be proficient when it comes to grabbing free Federal government money for construction projects. These New Deal-like projects have reciprocated by producing reelection votes. The politicians will have their names plastered on massive public project signage placed in front of every sewer line ditch.

What a coincidence!

We are all familiar with the Part County Sewer System tragedy largely caused by development expansion delivering runoff water to infiltrate the area’s sewer system. But now, with the ink still wet on President Obama’s proposed massive $775 billion (more likely $1 trillion) ( Keynesian economics infrastructure rebuilding stimulus package, we discover that the City of Utica has miraculously discovered that they too have a $152 million sewage project that needs immediate rebuilding. Apparently Utica’s thinking is that the early bird will get the infrastructure rebuilding worm first. Not to worry, just like the year old expediting of the Marcy nanotech Wetlands Mitigation application with the Army Corps of Engineers, “U.S. Rep. Michael Arcuri, D-Utica, said he would work to get some of the stimulus money to fix the problem.” ( But don’t hold your breath on this one coming to the Utica area first.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like the figures for the Whitesboro school energy saving project. "will save 7 million and pay for itself" oops we made a mistake it was only 1 million" what engineering firm makes dumb mistakes like that. It is a no wonder people are disbelievers and vote things down. It is all a pile of BS.

Anonymous said...

Now here is Utica's stimulus package. Pave the streets. What!! So the waterboard and sewer can tear them up later. Talk abut the cart before the horse and small mind ideas. You need to fix the collapsing manholes, the one in front of the Stanley again. All they did the last time was fill it in with tar. Well, it's gone and the hole is still there. If I have to get out of my car and look I will.That may be even a private manhole that the owner should fix. With the paving done here lately it is nothing but a peanut butter coating. What is wrong with thinking big for once, have a plan, no wonder Accuri did not show up. Think he was going to endorse paving Dudley Ave as a stimulus?