Sunday, October 12, 2008

Take Fault Lines Along . . .

Wanting to read Fault Lines on the bus, but no Wi-Fi? . . . . No problem.

Read Fault Lines in: The Utica Phoenix

This months article: "Wrong Regionalization: The Oneida County Sewer District"

Find The Utica Phoenix in a news rack near you.

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SBAG said...

What if there is neither Wifi nor buses available? I mean, considering that the bus schedule is worthless around here for the destinations we need. I found out that the spaghetti route and transfers required to get from my home to work and back would only allow me about 2 or 4 hours of work time. Any deviation from that schedule, and I'll be stranded.

In fact, it would be easier for me to walk 15 minutes to an hour to a local wifi hotspot to read your blog, than to figure out a destination that fits the bus schedule for what I want/need to do and then read your articles while on the bus.

The area my sister lives in, she warned me that the buses arrive less frequently durong off peak... so I ask what the 'worst' intervals are. "15 minutes."

I laughed at her. Our "worst" intervals are many, many hours (since the bus line shuts down at night) and our "best" I think is 45 minutes.

Oh Utica, you suck so badly.