Monday, December 03, 2007

New New Hartford Nonsense ... Part 2

Cathy continues her story of the NH Official plates on privately owned vehicles. It is amazing that the trucks could have sat in the same parking lot at the same time as two manned NH police cars . . . but nothing got done until months later when the State Police got involved. Give me a break.



Shana said...

Chief Ray Philo should be REMOVED from his official position and his recent recognition (AWARD) should be taken back.

Is this the kind of law enforcement we have in the Town of New Hartford?

Here we can see two New Hartford Police Cars just parking in the Sangertown Mall, "policing" the area while eating their Dunkin Donuts and drinking coffee.

Is this what we pay these people for?

Time for Chief Philo to be given his walking papers. I have no doubt there will be more fallout over this and other matters implicating Chief Philo.

Greens and Beans said...

The plot keeps thickening until now it stinks. Shame on this administration for their arrogance in terms of placing the Town taxpayers in jeopardy of having to register and insure a private contractor’s vehicles. Shame on the New Hartford Police Department for not questioning this apparent unlawful act. Shame on the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office for not conducting an investigation. And shame on the news media for not bringing this brazen malfeasance to the public’s attention.

Talk about dirty politics . . . New Hartford can teach the Mob a thing or two on how to divert tax dollars into private pockets, and then exert the power to intimidate the entire body politic to roll over and play dead.

This is our town not their town! What have we done? Moreover, how should we correct this?