Friday, November 03, 2006

The Blogger Brigade Thins ...

It's been awhile since we've heard from Roman Hokie and Rome NY Sucks ... and Mrs. Mecomber at Mohawk Valley View has decided to take a break. That's understandable. Life happens . . . . and Blogging should take a back seat. Their blogs are still here, however, available to be read and enjoyed, each with its own unique perspective. We just hope they don't stay away too long.

But it is sad to discover that CNY Underground is no more; the blog is entirely gone. From the last few posts we learned that Biggus Dickus was 3 people and that job opportunities beckoned from out of the area. CNY Political Insider did a nice "obit" of sorts, and we reiterate Joe Politics' sentiment.

We always looked forward to Biggus Dickus' blend of humor and prose, with even a dash of science at times! One post on immigration and the silence of our local congressional candidates was particularly memorable . . . a cashed copy from Google is available (for awhile) here. Biggus Dickus, you will be missed. Good luck where ever you are.

Meanwhile, Blogger Dan Weaver at Upstream celebrates his first anniversary, keeping us informed of what's going on deep in the Mohawk Valley. Congratulations!

UPDATE 11/4: and the Blogger Brigade Grows . . . A new Utica area blog comes on the scene: "Utica, New York: From the Cheap Seats" with a twist: multimedia commentary! A big Welcome to Scott Moon.


Anonymous said...

Nice, I enjoyed my visit here and bookmarked so I can surf back...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words on my new blog, I really do appreciate it. I was born in Utica and my career took me to various cities around the country. While I have enjoy living in other places I never had that feeling of home, it felt like I was staying at someone's house, if that make sense. And I missed that. So I decided to reorder my priorities and I have come home to where my family is in search of a new mission. I decided to find work here and dig in at being an active citizen. Being away so long, I had no idea where to begin so so I started this little blog to start talking about something. I wasn't sure anyone would ever see it but at least I felt I was becoming involved again in my hometown. It feels good. I'm still on the job hunt, but I am confidant that I have done the right thing coming back. I am committed to finding a way to make a go here and searching for a way to be actively involved in making our area a better place. Thanks again for noticing the blog. And thank you for Fault Lines, I check it out every day.

Scott Moon