Sunday, September 17, 2006

New Hartford Town Secrecy . . .

Here we go again . . . Only this time it's the New Hartford Town Board which is in the process of putting together its 2007 budget and publicly discussed it for the first time at a special meeting yesterday.

"The board refused to supply the Observer-Dispatch with copies of preliminary budget sheets, which members referenced throughout the public meeting."

Why not? Is the board afraid of being second-guessed? Is there something in the details they don't want us to see?

"New Hartford resident Ed Blask said he had "complete confidence" the board will try to make the budget as cost effective as possible."

It's nice that Mr. Blask has confidence in the Town Board, but one has to wonder what it is based upon. Does he have inside information? Is he friends with someone on the board? The statement marginalizes anyone who questionsthe workings of the Town Board.

Keeping things secret does not inspire confidence.


Biggus Dickus said...

You know why I like you? Because I'm a lazy drunk. I don't have to write anything because you're on top of this stuff faster than anyone else.

It's starting to look like New Hartford is taking it's cues on secrecy from Utica. First they shut down the public database of property records because of some embarrassing revelations, forcing the folks that were maintaining it to go it alone. Then they totally clam up about the bullet-proof vest fiasco. Now they don't even want to reveal the budget.

It's deja vu, all over again.

Strikeslip said...


Hadn't realized about the shutdown of the public database -- but you're right, BD. Looks like the Town's whole website is being reworked and a lot seems to be missing. I can no longer look up my neighbors' assessments. THAT is exactly the type of stuff that SHOULD be up there for all to see ... It certainly lets one know if the assessor is doing his job properly.