Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Potpourri: NYRI, School Taxes, Independence Day

Via NYCO we found an editorial IN FAVOR OF the NYRI powerline (scroll down to "Power Play"). Too bad the folks at the Daily News didn't mention the decommissioned Shoreham LI nuke plant, the anticipated closure of two downstate conventional generating plants mentioned in the NYRI application as part justification for their line, or the proposal to shut down the Indian Point nuke plant. We guess in NYC its OK to beg off of the mess/risks of power generation when there is allegedly a surplus of clean upstate power one only needs a line to plug into.

Meanwhile Mayor Julian thinks he has found a way to beat NYRI: by claiming the railroad's contract with NYRI for use of their right of way is illegal. Some cursory research tells us that this plan will get nowhere. Case notes under §17 of the Railroad Law (which gives RRs the right to condemn property) indicate a situation where it was OK for a Railroad to condemn land, build a tunnel under it, and then lease the overlying land for apartment house purposes. Kip v New York C. R. Co. (1931) 140 Misc 62 affd 236 AD 654, affd 260 NY 692. There doesn't seem to be much difference between the RR leasing over head land for an apartment house and the RR leasing the over head air and part of its right of way for powerlines. Hopefully Fault Lines is wrong on this one.

Boilermaker weekend is fast approaching and one of our star runners will be none other than governor-apparent Eliot Sptizer. Hey, let's give him a warm Utica welcome with some "What's your stand on NYRI?" signs.

In the Annoyance Department this week we have an editorial about easing our school taxes with alternative ways of raising money. Here's another suggestion: SPEND LESS.

Also annoying was this cheerful piece on how our country abused the Cherokee. There is always someone who will rain on our parade.

Hope you all had a great 4th!

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