Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In the Chips . . .

At least the Rome Sentinel is giving decent coverage to the emerging Chip Fab incentives story. An update is available on this from the Times-Union.

Compare this with the stories in the Utica Observer-Dispatch on June 9 and June 10 which mentioned nothing about (1) the potential number of jobs (about 1000) or (2) the potential $1 Billion in state incentives for a Saratoga County site or (3) the fact that the Saratoga County site is no where near being ready for a plant.

Marcy is ready NOW.

It should seems obvious from the Rome story that if NY wants to maximize its chances to land the AMD chip fab (over a spot in Dresden Germany) the incentives should be offered for the Marcy site, too.

Why does the O-D leave out the "meat" of this story????

Update 7AM: O-D finally has a story here. Better late than never, though all the pieces were there over a week ago. Interestingly, Sen. Meier is already coming up with excuses for a Saratoga County choice, but Fault Lines heard this one years ago when we questioned why no one seemed to be looking here. Apparently he has his marching orders. This seems to be the (Republican) "party" line that the O-D is only too ready shill for -- to purposely discourage people of the region from speaking up and demanding what we have actually earned: Our site is ready NOW. It's a guess when Saratoga County will be ready, if ever, because its proposed new water facilities will not be economical without participation of a reluctant Clifton Park Water Authority.

While Fault Lines disagrees with spending a million dollars a job (essentially turning these jobs into government jobs without the government service), if the state is going to lavish this money somewhere, it might as well do it where it will go the farthest: HERE IN MARCY.

Update 5PM: Now we learn (from the T-U) (from the O-D) (from the Ro-Sen) that AMD will be choosing Luther Forest, that Marcy would be a "back up," and that either site would work for AMD. Frankly, Fault Lines is disgusted with our local Republican leadership simply rolling over and playing dead on this because it is clearly the $billion in incentives that have made the difference -- incentives that WE are paying for on top of almost a Billion more that has been lavished on the Albany area for nanotech.

This area is always the bridesmaid, never the bride, because there is always some other region with more "clout." Our local Republican officials have shown themselves to be impotent in bringing home the bacon from Republican administrations . . . Something we will remind voters of when election day rolls around!

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