Monday, May 15, 2006

Miscellaneous Musings ... Schools, Powerlines, & Blogging

School Board elections are tomorrow. The Utica OD gave pretty cursory coverage to the candidates in Utica. What happened to the third candidate who was supposedly eliminated on a residency issue? Was the person really a resident, and, if not, why would a non-resident want to run? What were her qualifications? The situation was only mentioned a couple weeks ago with little follow up. The current election looks like a coronation of system insider, Margaret Buckley, by the system. No debates, no detailed coverage of the people running for the biggest system in the county. The System insiders will turn out to vote. All the Seniors have been bought off by STAR and won't bother voting. No one knows the challenger and the local media happily cooperate to keep things that way. No wonder why people don't vote. . . Regardless, don't expect change with the same people in charge.

The proposed power line from Marcy thru/around Utica to downstate has justifiably raised a lot of concern. Is our beautiful landscape (about all we have left to prize around here) about to be sacrificed to satisfy the downstate metropolis' thirst for power? . . . And visit on us higher electrical rates on top of our already 2nd highest rates in the nation? Fortunately our local politicians seem united on this one, with Dave Valesky presenting a thoughtful editorial on the subject in the OD. If Downstate needs power, they should live with the environmental consequences of producing/transporting it. How about windfarms off the Long Island Coast? Or, better yet, why not take the Shoreham, Long Island Nuke plant out of mothballs and get it going? As I remember, it was almost completed when New York State and Suffolk County decided it did not want the risk of a Nuke plant on its shores (. . . a little late for a lot of investors). Talk about a typical New York waste!

Finally, blogger Dan Weaver down Amsterdam way has an excellent post on why he blogs. What he says rings true at this end of the Valley, too. Well worth a read.

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