Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Stores Ordered to Close

Because of a Pyramid Corp lawsuit a Judge orders stores to close in a new project in Watertown. This happened because the Watertown Planning Board failed to conduct an adequate environmental review when it approved the new project.


There are some similarities. Like Salmon Run Mall in W'Town, Pyramid Corp owns Sangertown Square, which is near newly built and occupied Consumer Sq. and the Orchard. As we found out last weekend, we now have overflows of raw sewage into the Mohawk in part caused by a "spate of recent development" which we all know has occurred in New Hartford. While I don't know it to be the case, the overflows suggest that the New Hartford environmental review may have been less than adequate.

What makes our situation more interesting is that (1) we have a clear environmental impact that is undeniable and (2) our "regionalized" sewer system visits damages on others who would be potential plaintiffs.

By default, the cost of solving the overflow problem will likely fall on ALL USERS of the sewer system: i.e., people in Utica, Whitestown and beyond, so the Part-County Sewer District could be a potential plaintiff. Additionally, if the situation results in a construction moratorium in Whitestown, Whitestown would be another potential plaintiff.

It certainly would be more than annoying if New Hartford is permitted to reap and keep the tax-base benefits of these projects to itself while passing on increased costs and restrictions to its neighbors who had no say in the matters.

Things could get very interesting if people are annoyed enough with New Hartford to want to make it so.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Earle Reed has a similar problem with the Lowe's development and that the Town Planning Board totally disregarded concerns being expressed by a Governmental Agency?

I wonder when the Observer Dispatch will start reporting on this fiasco or should we ask the Syracuse Post Standard and/or Rome Sentinel to do some objective reporting.

Sounds to me like there is more than just sh*t flowing through New Hartford.

Incidentally, how come Consumer Square's assessment is HALF that of Sangertown? What gives?

Is this more of the same sh*t coming from New Hartford Town Officials?