Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sales Tax Collection -- Sales Tax Rate

Have the County leaders bothered to calculate the sales tax collections LOST because the State refuses to enforce the law regarding sales in the Oneida Nation?

If the county was able to collect its normal share of sales tax, would it be able to avoid the so-called medicaid sales tax increase?

It seems that our county leadership, by enacting a sales tax increase, is making it easy for our State leaders to avoid their responsibilities.

Maybe what the county should do is to budget based on sales tax estimates which include indian sales, then bill the state for what was not collected.

The casino and state failures place Oneida County in a unique position in the state where the county would be justified in demanding money from Albany.

Why isn't anyone doing this?

County Govt. is making it easy on our State level leaders by making it hard on taxpayers

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