Thursday, May 16, 2002

Changes Needed for Hockey to Return?

oday the O-D ran an editorial stating that changes were needed to the Utica Aud before professional hockey would return -- that more money would have to be spent on the building. Their logic runs something like this: We've had 4 hockey teams come and go in the last 10 years ... The Aud "looks foreboding from the outside" (their opinion) and "isn’t particularly charming on the inside" (again their opinion) ... ergo, the condition of the building must be making the teams fold and keeping the fans away. Really?

In the same editorial the O-D admits that the arena was upgraded for the Devils 10 years ago (yet the Devils still left). Furthermore, O-D admits there is a successful promoter prepared to place a team in the Aud NOW. These pieces don't seem to logically fit with their theory. [The real reason for the failures is probably traceable to our poor economy with less discretionary income available to fans -- and fewer fans -- but this would admit to the failure of local policy makers who seem to include the O-D editors]

Essentially the O-D really seems to be saying: "We've failed for the last 10 years .. let's not run a risk of failing again ..."

With that kind of attitude no progress will be made! The worse that could happen is that area hockey fans will have a couple more years of professional hockey. What's so bad about that?

One suspects the O-D may be discouraging professional hockey to protect the vested interests of their "friends" at Utica College.

This is the old story in Oneida County -- the well connected use the taxpayer's $$$ to their advantage -- and keep away anyone new that might offer some competition.

The O-D is right ... Changes ARE Needed:


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