Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Party of No Mail Delivery?

You really have to wonder who is leading the Republicans these days?  First they authorize seizure of all private phone conversations .... Now they want to force everyone to walk to clusters of mailboxes ... making it easier for mail to be stolen and more difficult for seniors to get their mail. No wonder there is such a lack of enthusiasm for them ... even with all the horrors coming out of the current administration.  They obviously are not thinking of the needs of the average citizen.

Recently I had a certified mailing for delivery two towns away take one week ... to go a mere 8 miles! The mail went all the way to Rochester before making its way back thru Syracuse then to its destination!

 FedEx and UPS don't seem to have problems making timely deliveries right to the receivers.

Instead of trying to dictate how the Postal Service should save money, perhaps these Republicans should propose contracting the service out to professionals who know what they are doing ... including letting them set the rates that cover the cost of delivery.


Anonymous said...

The horendous stories of the poor perfromance of the US Postal service are too numerous to recount in just my personal experience. On top of that, they lose $5 billion per year. Privitization would have to be an improvement.

Silence Dogood said...

They lose 5 Billion a year because the congress in 2006 passed a law to fund pensions for the USPS 75 years out. No I am not a postal worker, just telling you the facts. The people in charge then tried to kill the postal service plain and simple. How many businesses do you know fund pensions that far out. To top it all off I think that money does not go into a lock box so guess who may get to spend it...Congress I may be all wrong on this but it is what I have heard and read about