Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's Next at the Airport?

Major tenant at Griffiss moving some of its operations to Florida
MidAir USA aircraft overhaul company, which occupies one of the airport’s enormous hangar buildings, is poised to sign a lease with the City of Melbourne Airport for 75,000 square feet of space for its engineering operations and back shop operations.
The reason given is that MidAir wanted to lease another part of the building that it is already in, but that part of the building is currently occupied by MillionAir.

While MidAir's CEO is quoted in the OD article as saying "I don't know" in response to the question whether his company will renew its leases in 2015 with Oneida County, this story from Orlando Business Journal from last March should give pause for concern: MidairUSA hangar at Melbourne Airport ready to take off
 Melbourne City Council unanimously approved a special permit MidairUSA needed for the proposed height of the hangar it plans to build at Melbourne International Airport, Florida Today reports. . . MidairUSA will use the hangar to overhaul Boeing 747s and plans on hiring more than 450 workers.


Anonymous said...

Midair's CEO is playing Picente like a violin to get what he wants here, but come 2015 there is little doubt that Midair will entirely move into its new facility at Melbourne, FL.

Anonymous said...

Can we convince Cuomo or Obama to give Picente a job so we can get him out of here? This county can't handle much more of his ineptness!

Anonymous said...

How many more tax dollars are we going to be paying and tax breaks for airline related companies who either fail or move elsewhere? This saga of failed businesses at a pretend airport would be comical if it was not so expensive. And, we wonder why our governments are in debt? I'd love to see a requirement that would call for elected officials to invest part of their own funds in projects they force on us.

Silence DoGood. said...

I agree but the elected officals already look at taxpayers money as their own funds...they have no risk like a hedge fund manager.
The Mayor of Utica now tells me more pain is coming my way. I am not sure I want to take more pain because I see no benefit from the treatment of higher taxes to pay for overtime, mismanaged departs and failed dreams that dont have a chance of success Let The "chip Plant" save us I have heard that for 20 years...

Anonymous said...

Even if a chip plant is landed, it will not "save us." The tax breaks given to it will be huge. It will be one step in creating new jobs and brain mass which will be good, to say the least but it will be, by no means a panacea to cure the area's problems. Only basic politcal, civic and tax reform will transform the area.