Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mr. Griffo and Airline Passengers

Mr. Griffo is co-sponsoring a law to protect fliers stranded on planes in New York.

This is an interesting display of priorities when Oneida County (and, therefore, his Senate District) has NO scheduled airline passenger service, having lost it three or four years ago.

Mr. Griffo, if you want to do something meaningful for your constituents, why don't you co-sponsor Mr. Valesky's legislation to require the Thruway Authority to get legislative approval before every toll hike? Or is party loyalty more important?


Anonymous said...


Joe Griffo is a spineless legislator whose claim to fame is????

Joey boy, as affectionately known would not know how to blow himself out of a paper bag.

In other words, this politician is useless in every sense of the word.

All Joey boy wants are his little "toys."

Anonymous said...

I hate the way the politicians and media are touting this as a "Bill of Rights" for passengers, and as a "first in the nation" from the wonderful state of NY. what a bunch of baloney!

The "Bill of Rights" really makes me steam because it belittle the REAL Bill of Rights that they love to trample so much.

If they are so concerned about our rights, they'd better re-read the Constitution again- that's what matters.

And as far as NY still being the "Empire State"-- well, at this point, what are we leading in? Failure? Our state leads the nation as a warning to others.

Anonymous said...

Well Said Mrs. Mecomber.

Anonymous said...

Since he hasn't sponsored much of anything that has anything to do with his district, why should we be surprised? Joe Bruno must want this to happen.