Monday, December 04, 2006

Unmandated Funding in New Hartford . . .

Last month it was the Town Board deciding to borrow and spend money with few details given on many of the projects. Now the New Hartford School District is doing the same thing. The OD has an article this morning about it. Cathy at NH Online has gathered a lot of information and been doing some thinking. Well worth a read if you are in the NHSD and are wondering about the upcoming vote. Our only comment is that with a declining enrollment and a declining economy, why is there a need to expand facilities and purchase luxuries such as artificial turf?

BTW, if you are in the New York Mills section of New Hartford, NH Online has a special message about your upcoming Town taxrate.

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Anonymous said...

The Town's elected officials are asking the taxpayers to support bonding for approximately $5.5 million dollars. Interestingly, there is a parcel located on Kellogg Road (behind the New Hartford Police Station) which the town wants to purchase for over $1,000,000. Interestingly, this parcel has been assessed for $662,000. Why the disparity between assessed value and selling price? I thought that all New Hartford property was to be assessed at full market value. I am equally interested in the loss of tax revenue to the Town and School because of this purchase solely by our Town's elected officials. Nowhere is it mentioned who the principals are in this real estate deal and the commission to be earned, if acquired by the Town. I would venture to guess that these sweetheart deals have no relationship to any Town need and is merely being done for political reasons.

Taxpayers of the Town of New Hartford...WAKE UP!!! VOTE NO in January 2007 for any line item of the Permissive Referendum.